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I’m a foodie, and I found my calling in creating my own signature dishes because I have a passion for healthy, wholesome food, and wellness. My recipes are inspired by traditional Awadhi cuisine and have the foundation in the Indian scriptures of Ayurveda – a healing cuisine that is both healthy and delicious! I have been teaching Ayurvedic cooking to students around the world for more than 12 years. It gives me joy and comfort, knowing that when you will cook my seasonally attuned recipes, my creations will nourish your body, mind and soul. I believe in organic and locally grown ingredients and shun artificial colors, additives, and preservatives. I grow my herbs and pick and grind spices. You can call me a food whisperer as I chant mantras while I make my own ghee from organic cream, a tradition I carry forward from my mother – my first cooking teacher. All my food is cooked in ghee or natural oils. I hope you enjoy my creations as I pass love from our kitchen to your home!


<y life partner, and I co-founded Vedika Global in 2007 in the San Francisco Bay Area. She, as in Shunya imparted classical Ayurveda philosophy and lifestyle wisdom enabling a healthy and whole life, and I taught all about Ayurvedic cuisine - how to cook the healing recipes, because in the science of Ayurveda there is a core belief: If your diet is right, no medicine is needed, if your diet is wrong, no medicine can help. Over 12-years, I shared over 200 recipes with our international students, who came to us from far and wide, to learn Ayurveda, in its true form. In this journey, I researched ancient Ayurvedic source texts dating as far back as 2 BCE, on qualities of foods, seasonal recommendations and less commonly used spices, and resurrected forgotten ancient recipes for modern kitchens. Some of these ancient recipes are still being cooked in Indian homes and restaurants today, but they are based on memory and over time, have been distorted, they are no longer based on exact Ayurvedic recommendations of seasons or spices, and often cause heartburn, heaviness and other symptoms. But my recipes are based on Ayurvedic principles. I cook each recipe with precision and honesty without needing to add artificial colors and flavor enhancers now prevalent in Indian cooking. The results are magnificent, deeply restorative  for human health and truly delicious, in an unforgettable way!

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